Flow Free: Hexes is here!

In Flow on October 12, 2016 by Big Duck Games


Think outside the box! The next evolution of Flow Free is now here!

Get it now at!

  • Over 1,000 free, hexagonal puzzles!
  • Daily puzzles: new levels every day, never run out

It’s everything you love about Flow Free and more. Available now for iOS and Android.

Great new updates are also available now in Flow Free and Flow Free: Bridges. New level packs, a new honeycomb color theme in honor of Flow Free: Hexes and many other improvements. Out now!


PS – We’d love it if you could leave us a review on these new updates!

34 Responses to “Flow Free: Hexes is here!”

  1. Loving the new hexes game! Ahora tendré que sostener mi racha diaria en tres juegos distintos

  2. Unable to install Hexes or update Flow Free or FF Bridges on Android from Google.(I wondered why I hadn’t seen the Extreme pack) I get an error that I have insufficient space. I have 5GB free space internally and 12GB free on the SD card. Asus MemoPad HD7 16GB. All installed OK on my Android phone.

  3. Ignore my last comment about not being able to download Hexes or update FF and FF Bridges. With my glasses on I can see I only have 495mb free on my tablet, not 4995mb. Oops! Still, why don’t apps take advantage of the space on SD cards where I really do have lots of free space?

  4. Ads are very distracting. Is it possible to offer an ad free edition? Would be willing to pay for it.

    • Purchase any level pack to remove ads. We think Unlock all is the best deal but you only have to purchase one. From the main menu, hit free play, scroll to the bottom and hit get more levels. Thanks for your support!

  5. Is there a way I can get push notifications for new daily puzzles?

    • We have this feature on iOS. It will prompt you to enable it after you reach a 2 day streak. We’re still working on this for Android. Puzzles/streaks reset at midnight in your local time. Thanks.

  6. It’s advertised on my kindle, but when I click to get it, the app is currently unavailable. Why is this?

    • Hum. Sorry to hear that. Where are you based? On Amazon we only published Hexes in the Underground program which is available to most users but possibly not everywhere.

  7. Omg,I love all of the flow free games. I’ve been playing the games for a couple of years now I get alll of the updates.

  8. Lost progress. I played the game for 2 days making it into the Classic 9X9 boards. Today I open the game and all progress is lost. I’ve been kicked back to the first 5X5 board.

  9. I finished all 1200 free levels in 11 days, it’s very additing game!

  10. Desperately waiting for new packs in hexes .. Free flow is the only game i have EVER paid for .. Worth ever cent .. You guys are awesome !!

  11. Hi team, great news about hexes. Unfortunately the original free flow has stopped working on my iPhone 7 plus. I’ve tried to delete it and re-install but it won’t download from the App Store. Any advice?

  12. Love free flow hexes hope it gets more levels soon

  13. Any level with 17 or more flows yet in any of the flow games? For those who don’t think 16 is enough

    • hum. You’re very observant. Just curious, why do you want puzzles with more paths? Are you looking for harder levels? bigger levels? Increasing the number of paths by itself actually tends to result in easier levels.

  14. Need more levels please. Love this version of free frow

  15. I love the game, I have it installed on phone and tablet, but I was expecting buying the unlock-all pack on the phone also to unlock the tablet, which I think it did for the squares version. The full-screen ads are quite irritating and I don’t think paying per device to turn them off is fair.

  16. just wanted to check what others think about it : i just looooove this game!!!!!!

  17. so desperate to play this but only got windows tablet any idea if/when its coming to my pc/tablet?

  18. Hello 🙂 Thank you for these wonderful games. I am especially enjoying the new hex version. I also wanted to thank your company for making it possible to play your games without an internet connection. So many games now require internet connection for gameplay and it’s very limiting. FLOW can be played anywhere.

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