What’s new in Flow Free v1.2

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Flow Free version 1.2 for iOS and version 1.4 for Android were released earlier this week. Here’s a highlight of what’s new:

More Levels!

  • Four new level packs, two free, two paid. On the Free side, there’s now a Bonus Pack which contains additional levels from 5×5 to 9×9 and also an 8×8 mania pack which contains 150 8×8 levels. We thought this 8×8 mania pack might be a good way to challenge some of the more experienced players.
  • In the Level Store you can now purchase the Pink Pack which is a Jumbo size pack containing 10×10 – 14×14 levels and you can purchase the 9×9 mania pack. We’ve also added an option to purchase all the levels at a discount.

View your solution unobstructed!

After you complete a puzzle, you can now dismiss the dialog that comes up in order to view your solution. The middle button along the bottom is usually a refresh button but when you complete the puzzle, it will now turn into a close button which will close the dialog. You can also click anywhere outside the dialog on the board.

Click outside the dialog to view your solution

Hope you enjoy the update! Let us know if you have feedback or ideas for our next release. (Note – we haven’t yet enabled in-app purchases on Android. We are considering those.)

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  1. I was disappointed that, having previously spent more than 1.99 on the original three premium packs that I am not automatically eligible for the new packs.

    • Hi Neil – thanks for the feedback. We really appreciate your support. Unfortunately there is no way for us to modify the price of in-app purchases for only a subset of users. If you do decide to buy the Unlock Al item it will include all the current level packs as well as any level packs released in future updates.

  2. I think level 15 on 10 x 10 is impossible! If not, a hi t, please.

    • Try starting at the top orange dot and moving right 8, down 5, left 3, down 2, left 2. Then follow the walls and the orange flow, hope that helps!

  3. Be sure to check out our review. Very impressed.

    • Great video! Thanks very much. We will be updating the Windows 8 version with all the same levels when the Windows Store is open for submissions again. It’s closed right now. Definitely agree with you regarding the game being better with touch. We tried to do some optimizations for mouse but it’s still not quite the same. With mouse on Win8 you can click the first cell and then start creating a path, click again to stop the path. (no need to press and drag.)

  4. When will this update be available for Android??

  5. Flow Free and a broken ankle are just the perfect combination. Over 1100 levels perfect now, but the larger ones that mucho time. I love the new 8×8 and 9×9 packs and would love to see more.

  6. I have completed all the levels except level 6 inn the 14*14 pink pack
    I have tried everything and still always end with 2 blank squares
    Could I get a hint please

  7. Level 3 and 26 on 14×14 are impossible!!! Can you give me a hint?! We have been working on them for a week!!

    • For level 3: Start by doing the yellow straight down to the wall then left to finish the flow. Then take the upper white dot, go up to the right around the red dot, down to the bottom right corner along the wall, left along the wall, trace over the yellow flow, and connect under the beige dot. Then connect the grey dots with a simple straight line. Then take the upper red dot, go all the way right and down, and trace around the white flow to connect to the other red dot. That should be a good start!

      For level 26: Connect the whites with a straight line. Then fill in the red flow by starting at the top red dot and moving right and then down, staying 1 square from the wall at all times. Then start at the upper pink dot, move all the way right, then down and around the red flow, up to the top right corner, then all the way left to the white wall, then down 5 blocks then straight to the right pink dot. This one has a lot of flows that wrap around each other, but this is hopefully a good start!

  8. I finished all the new levels can we have some more please 🙂

  9. Ever since the new upgrade, the Flow Free game will not open on my iPhone 4S! I tried power cycling my phone! I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it, to no avail! How can I go back to the old version!

  10. Please please please consider in-app purchases for the Android phones and the Kindle Fire!

  11. The pink pack for iPad is a NIGHTMARE! What in holy heck were you guys smoking when you made these levels? 13×13 level 7 is IMPOSSIBLE. I’ve spent 2 days doing nothing but trying to solve this disaster. I’m about to just delete the whole app.

  12. I would love to play on my MacBook air. Right now I play on my brothers iPad and he constantly kicks me off. Can you make flow available for MacBooks please

    • 🙂 Thanks for the feedback. We’re investigating PC options but don’t have it right now. Will keep you updated when we get to it.

  13. I love the game, but yesterday it started to crash on my iPhone. Despite rebooting the game and also rebooting my iPhone, I could not get it to work… Good news/bad news today though. Good news is it works again. Bad news is I had to delete it and reinstall it. I don’t mind that it erased all my stats, I mind that repurchase all the extra boards I had gotten. I had received a couple of updates and purchased all the others and now they are gone 😦

    • Hi Mike – sorry about the crashing, glad it’s working now. Did you update the app or do anything else specific when it started crashing?

      Regarding the purchases, you can restore purchases from the settings menu. Click Restore purchases. Use the same Apple ID that you originally purchased with and they will all re-download to the game.

  14. Is this game available for pc or mac computers

    • The game is available for Windows 8 but no other PC or mac options are available right now. We’ll let you know when that’s an option.

  15. I’m confused about my 7 yr old having much fewer color for the same level than I do. Is it because I complete my puzzles quickly and accurately? It seems like his puzzles are actually harder than mine since he must fill in a bunch of empty spaces with color, whereas I can use the most efficient paths always.

    • There are many boards that can’t be solved without using up all the space available, however, there are some boards where all the dots can be connected without actually filling in all the space. Even on these boards there is always a solution that doesn’t require “doubling over” a path for example making a 360 degree turn is allowed in the game but there will always be a solution that doesn’t require it.

  16. More 14×14 levels 9×9 etc way toooo easy!!!!! Please!

  17. Would love more levels for the Android…would even pay for them…we have the paid ones on my mom’s ipad and I would love to have them on my phone as well and on my nephew’s Android based tablet….we both love this game…even my mom is getting addicted to it now!!! Please more levels for the Android!!!!

  18. Android needs more levels! I’ll pay for them if need be, but I need my fix!

  19. I’m trying to get the levels I purchased over to my other Apple device and it’s not working..

    • If you go into Settings and click Restore Purchases it will re-download any purchases you made with that same Apple ID. Did you try that? If that doesn’t work maybe restart Flow Free and maybe restart the device.

  20. Sorry to keep hassling = but more 14×14 levels would be fantastic – or even larger maybe? have played and replayed current ones numerous times… Just love the game – obsesses me for hours

  21. why i cant download this games.. i really want play this games and downloads for my android phone..please help me..

  22. There is a little bug in the hint system in v1.3 (iOS version). Somehow I managed to use one fewer moves than there were connections to be made (I *think* due to using a hint but then restarting). It still counted it as a “perfect” solution on the puzzle board/list with a star in that space, but didn’t save the number of moves on the puzzle itself (just a dash) nor does it show a star if I go back to that puzzle. However, since hints cost actual money, I wasn’t able to debug this further.

    Also, may I request an “Undo” feature? It is quite frustrating to have 13 perfect moves and then accidentally cross streams on the final, 14th move, haha.

    Also also, let my voice join the choir asking for more levels, and a PC/Mac version. I can’t get enough!

    • Interesting. Thanks for the detailed bug report. We’ll try to reproduce it.

      Good feedback on the undo. Did you notice that while you still have your finger down if you just move it off of the cut path it will reset? We talked to one other person who hadn’t realized that so maybe it’s not discoverable enough but I could also see not noticing that a path was cut until you let go.

      Thanks for the great feedback and thanks for playing.

      • I did notice that, but my problem is when it happens _under_ my finger and I can’t see it until I move my finger out of the way, at which time it is too late haha.

        For discoverability, it might be helpful to have a sound there. Cross the streams and an audio cue lets you know immediately, even if you can’t see it. This wouldn’t help if you were playing with the sound off (so, an ‘Undo’ feature would still be helpful), but it’s a step towards a less-frustrating game.

      • An alternative solution: Disable crossing flows entirely. Make it an option the player can turn off. Once I move on to a new flow, I want that old flow locked down forever, unless I restart the level.

        If I have to cross flows, I can’t get a perfect, so I would have to restart anyway, and now I can’t *accidentally* cross flows and ruin my perfect solution. Programmatically, this should be much easier to implement than an undo system (I’m guessing; I don’t know your method of storing the game state).

        This just happened to me again, at the end of a 14×14. Words cannot express the frustration…

  23. Hi
    When will Flow be available in South African iTunes store.

    • Interesting. Honestly I didn’t know it wasn’t there. There may be some additional certifications or something required for that locale. I’ll try to find out.

      • Yeah. Apparently South Africa has some different ratings requirements for games that Apple hasn’t quite worked out yet. As best we know, no games are available in South Africa unless they are miscategorized as entertainment.

  24. Hi, i have been playing flow for a while and i noticed an annoying problam. When i do a flow right, and i go to another, sometimes i press the one that a already done and it counts it as a move although i correct it to the spot.
    Can you make it that it won’t count a move if its exactly the same?

    • It shouldn’t count as an additional move if you are moving the same color path. If you hit a different color then it will increment the move count.

  25. Question. I’ve noticed lately that I’ve been completing levels with less moves than there are flows. How is this possible? ( jumbo pack 13×13, iPhone 4 iOS 5)

    • Yeah. Sorry about that version 1.3 introduced a bug where this is possible. It generally happens if you reset a board. A temporary workaround is that if you do hit reset, hit it twice. That should fix it. We have a full fix that will be in the next update.

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