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I thought I would take a few minutes to answer some questions we get asked frequently over email.

  1. This puzzle is so hard–is it even possible to solve?
  2. Yep 🙂 There is a solution to every puzzle. Keep working on it! One trick I find useful when solving the puzzles is to start from the outside. Try to connect dots and fill paths which use the outside squares before connecting the inner ones.
    Also, if you’re struggling with 8×8 level 13 rest assured that you aren’t the only one. We get a lot of request for help on that one. If you want a hint, click here.

  3. Why do some completed levels show checks and some show stars?
  4. Whenever you complete a level you will receive either a check or a star. A star indicates that you completed the level perfectly without any mistakes. A check indicates that you completed the level but broke a path or two before finishing it.

  5. I am color blind and would like to play Flow. Is there an option available for me?
  6. Yes! Flow supports text labels. From the main menu, tap “Settings” then switch “Flow labels” from off to on. When you go back into the game, the color dots will now also include text labels.

  7. I purchased a level pack on my iPhone and want to get it on my iPad. Is this possible, will I be charged twice?
  8. Thanks for your support! You can download any purchased level packs onto all devices under the same iTunes account at no charge. The simplest way to do this is to go into Settings and click “Restore Purchases”. You will see an Apple dialog appear and will need to type in your iTunes password. After that any level packs you previously purchased will be downloaded to the device.

  9. I’ve been playing for a while and the sounds stopped working. How do I fix this?
  10. We are looking into what causes this but usually the game just needs to be rebooted. To reboot the game, double press the home button, you’ll see a set of icons on the bottom of the screen, tap and hold the Flow Free icon until the icon starts to wiggle, then press the close button in the top left corner of the icon. Hit the home button again and restart the game.

  11. If I play Flow on multiple devices, will my progress automatically sync between the two?
  12. Sorry, no. Right now progress is only kept locally so it will not sync between your devices. This is something we’ve seen come up a bit and it’s definitely on our potential feature list.

  13. I’m trying to purchase a level pack but Flow keeps crashing, how do I fix this?
  14. Update 7/28/12 – This issue should be fixed in version 1.2. It was caused by a problem handling the case where in-app purchases were disabled. If you’re still seeing a crash trying to make a purchase, let us know.

    We’ve seen this happening when in-app purchases are disabled. This is a bug and we expect to fix it in our next release so that Flow won’t crash in this scenario but you’ll still need to enable purchases before you can buy a level pack.

    To turn on in-app purchases, go to Settings –> General –> Restrictions, at this point you’ll need to enter your pin. On the Restrictions options, one of the options under Allowed Content will be in-app purchases.

    If you’re seeing a crash when trying to make a purchase and you don’t have in-app purchases disabled, please let us know either via a comment here or via email as we would like to track down if there are any other issues in this scenario.

  15. When are more packs coming out?
  16. Update 7/28/12 – Version 1.2 is now availble and includes 4 new packs (2 free, 2 for purchase.) Hope you enjoy it. We’re still looking at other content to add in future updates but no comments on that right now.

Leave a comment or shoot us an email if you have another question. I’ll update this post if I get anything that seems interesting.


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  1. Thanks for the Release on Android (Samsung Galaxy 2) Love this Game Can’t Wait for the Extra Game Packs

  2. I have been stuck on 10×10 level 15 for over a week now. Any way I can get a hint?? I swear it’s impossible!!

    • Try starting at the top orange dot and moving right 8, down 5, left 3, down 2, left 2. Then follow the walls and the orange flow, hope that helps!

  3. Love game but keeps freezing!!!! Please fix it

  4. I’m enjoying Flow and think I should pay for it. However I’m confused & have never bought anything in app. Do the blue and green packs work on an ipad, or just the purple one?


    • All the packs work on iPad. We labeled the Purple pack iPad because it’s a pack of larger levels which really are only playable on iPad but if you just want more of the regular size levels those will work great on iPad as well. Thanks for your support!

  5. I have done them all but not the iPad ones but am totally stuck on purple pack 22 and 26. Please any hints?

  6. Please be humane and provide at least one hint per puzzle, like you did with the 8×8 #13.

  7. I’m not going to tell you how to make money, or what you should (or should not) offer for free, but it is really not fair to offer in a supposed “update” less than before by lying about the nature of the update. “Minor bugfixes”, you said, but it seems that the lack of an intrusive advertisement system is the real bug you have fixed from the initial, free and ad-free, iOS version of Flow to the second one. Quite ugly. I would like my gift back.

    • Thanks for your feedback. Flow is and always has been ad supported. It’s hard to know exactly what experience every user has with ads because they can vary based on many factors. If something did change drastically for you after updating I’d be interested to know more about it. Please email the details to our support alias. If you’re playing on iOS and feel like supporting the game, you can purchase a level pack which will give you more levels and also remove ads.

      • I feel very sorry, you are probably right and I was absolutely wrong. It was one of those factors influencing the ad system behaviour (so not your update) what make me feel cheated. Now I understand what has happened and I have re-installed your game. I have also wrote a corrected comment in the Spanish AppStore (I wrote a very negative one when angry).

        Thank you for your kind response.

  8. I bought a pack while using this game on my iPhone & I would like to play on the iPad when Im at home. I synched my devices, but it doesn’t show that I purchased the pack on my other device. Am I required to purchase a pack for each device I play on?

    • You won’t need to pay again but you do need to actively download the item again. You can do this by going into Settings and clicking “Restore purchases”. You’ll get an apple dialog, and will need to enter your password, then it will download any items you’ve purchased.

  9. Hi Guys,

    We have a review of Flow Free up on our website, if you want to check it out

    Maybe you could post it, or like it or share! thanks!

  10. I downloaded flow free a week or so ago. Rhis morning I updated all my apps that were listed as needing updates. Sunce that update I can not play flow. When I open the app it is on the store. I thought maybe the free time for playing was ended so I purchased the green pack. It only let me play all the 5×5 levels and a few of the 6×6 levels. It went back to the level store again. It will not go back to the game! What’s up?

    • Hi Sue – can you try rebooting your device. (power off and then power back on.) Let me know if that doesn’t help.

  11. This morning I updated Flow on my iPhone and now I can’t get the appto open. Can you help me please?

  12. Thank you for such a great game! Like everyone else, I am addicted! I really like the iPad levels, and I am able to play them on my iPhone, which is great since I don’t have an iPad. I would love to see in on the HP tablet. The new update is great with the new levels. I wish I would have waited to buy all the packs since you now have the buy all packs for $2.99. Do you have a discount for all the people that have purchased all the packs before this new update??

  13. First off, love the game. Was wondering if each puzzle has a unique solution that doesn’t create a 4×4 square of the same color at some point? After playing most of the puzzles, I have come across quite a few that do this. Example:

    • Glad you’re enjoying Flow Free. Yes, all the puzzles do have solutions which don’t require the use of any 4×4 blocks though I agree that it’s sometimes harder to find those solutions.

  14. For those of us who don’t have access to Google Play and have to sideload apps (e.g. Nook Color, Nook Tablet), is there someway to download the .apk from another trusted source, since it isn’t available in the BN Store?

  15. What about a hint for Bonus pack 8×8 level 20. I’ve been working on it for days.

    • Try starting at the upper right yellow dot and trace right 2, down 5, left 2, up 2, left 3, up 1. Then fill in along walls and that yellow flow, hopefully that helps!

  16. I downloaded the app but it says it has been
    Installing for a whole day although it also shows it should be done

  17. My family loves free flow so I bought the entire pack To unlock all levels through my I pad.. But the paid levels won’t unlock on my other device (I phone). Does that mean I have to pay separately for each device??

    • Thanks so much. If you purchased the unlock all on one device you can get it on any other devices as long as you use the same itunes account that you did the original purchase with. There is an option to do this within the game. Go to settings and then click restore purchases. You will need to enter your password and the itunes accounts must be the same.

  18. Do I have to have an Internet connection to play, like when I am on an airplane or in an area with out internet?

  19. Love playing free flow, but when I went in this morning one of the adds popped up as I was pressing which one I wanted to play. Now stuck with loading on my screen and no access to the game!! I have tried to leave it loading for ages, but nothing is happening. Is my only option to delete the app and start all over again? Thank

  20. More level packs please! I just got perfect on every level (all 1350) for the third time, I love this game!

    Is there any possibility of a “random level generator” in the future? Thanks, your game rocks!

  21. I have version 1.2. I bought all the packs for $3.99. My card has been charged for my purchase.
    The packs won’t load. I restore purchases from the settings menu, but I get fleeting requests for my apple password that disappear before I can enter it.
    HELP Plz, or refund my $3.99.

  22. Are multiple solutions possible for some puzzles?

  23. The menu button (the arrow) is not responding. What can I do to fixit other than unloading and loading back the game.

  24. Just like everyone else, I’m hooked on Flow. Please tell me you are considering making it available to download onto my laptop!

  25. When can we expect more 14×14 levels – all finished and replayed. I’m addicted!!!

  26. solutions where can you find them….where are they posted…
    especially for 8 X 8 mania #83, can’t figure that one…

  27. I love flow, and have just beaten every level on perfect. I have heard that there are more than four level packs, and that on iOS devices, you can pay money to get them. I have money, but I have an android device. Please let me give you money for level packs. I want more levels!

  28. My icon no longer appears on my IPhone.
    I tried to reload but it shows it’s installed
    How do I fix?

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