Flow Free: #1 on iPad!

In Flow on June 13, 2012 by Big Duck Games

We’re really excited to see the warm reception of our latest iOS puzzle game: Flow Free.  In the past hour, Flow has topped the U.S. charts to become the #1 free game on the iPad.  It’s been getting great reviews and tons of play time.  Yesterday alone, Flow was downloaded over 20,000 times and almost an entire man-year was spent enjoying the game.  Keep flowing and thanks for your support!

If you’re looking to find Flow Free for iOS, you can get it here:

We also have versions of Flow available for Windows Phone, as well as the Windows 8 Release Preview.  An Android/Kindle version of Flow is currently in planning.

Thanks again,

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  1. Mike,

    I am an aspiring app developer, and came across both Fireworks Arcade and Flow Free today. I love the simplicity and minimalism of them both. It’s great to see these style of games do really well. It’s highly inspiring. Once I could pull myself away from my iphone, after 30 minutes of Flow Free, I zoomed through a good five notebook pages of idea storming.

    • Hi Mason,

      Thanks for the note! Glad you’re enjoying Fireworks Arcade and Flow. Best of luck with your app development.

      – Mike

  2. Having trouble with 11×11 level 13. Please tell me there is a solution!!

  3. My sister just showed me this app on her iPhone, and would love to give it a go, however I’m an Android user! I hope you will expand your apps to Android too! 🙂

  4. Why does Flow not record a star when you solve the puzzle multiple times?

    • The star is used when you complete a level perfectly without making a mistake. It will only record either a star or a check for each level. Are you seeing a situation where you complete a level perfectly but still only get a check rating?

  5. i had a friend show me the game and I want to know if it is available for pc’s I enjoyed playing so much and the mental challenges to figure it out. wow. absolutely loved it. as an ex-teacher of young kids and special needs, I think this game would even be beneficial to them. great game. so I guess my question is. Can i please play some more from my pc? PLEASE

  6. I love it but why not u get app in android please i want to play it!!

  7. Love your game. Trying to get the addin levels but can not find them in the app store. Are they available?

    Thanks for a great app!

    • Thanks! You can get more levels from within the app. From the main menu, click “free play”, you’ll be on the level pack screen. Now click “more levels” which will take you to a list of level packs you can buy. Buying a level pack will also let you play ad free! Thanks for your support!

  8. […] been floating around the top 25 charts in the iTunes App Store for over a month. According to their blog they had over 20,000 downloads of the iPad version on June 13th. Today it sits in the #9 spot in […]

  9. I downloaded it on my iPhone and I cannot get it on my iPad can you tell me what’s up with this

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