Happy 2017 – We’ve Moved!

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We are excited to welcome the new year with a shiny new web presence for Big Duck Games at We will keep this archive of posts but mostly likely will no longer publish new posts here. Feel free to follow our new site or signup for our newsletter.

2016 was an amazing year for us. We released the acclaimed Flow Free: Hexes™, rolled out a number of content updates and improvements to Flow Free® and Flow Free: Bridges®, and doubled the size of our team (by hiring Ebyan and Marc, that is!).

Here’s to making 2017 our best year yet!

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FLOW – The original

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Check out theoretical physicist and game developer Charles Bloom’s classic FLOW manipulation puzzle, now part of the Big Duck Games’ FLOW Family!

Originally released in 2002, the object is to guide a fluid comprised of thousands of sprites through various puzzles by changing the terrain. Hope you enjoy and leave us your feedback.

Download for Windows

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Flow Free: Hexes is here!

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Think outside the box! The next evolution of Flow Free is now here!

Get it now at!

  • Over 1,000 free, hexagonal puzzles!
  • Daily puzzles: new levels every day, never run out

It’s everything you love about Flow Free and more. Available now for iOS and Android.

Great new updates are also available now in Flow Free and Flow Free: Bridges. New level packs, a new honeycomb color theme in honor of Flow Free: Hexes and many other improvements. Out now!


PS – We’d love it if you could leave us a review on these new updates!


What’s new in Flow Free v1.2

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Flow Free version 1.2 for iOS and version 1.4 for Android were released earlier this week. Here’s a highlight of what’s new:

More Levels!

  • Four new level packs, two free, two paid. On the Free side, there’s now a Bonus Pack which contains additional levels from 5×5 to 9×9 and also an 8×8 mania pack which contains 150 8×8 levels. We thought this 8×8 mania pack might be a good way to challenge some of the more experienced players.
  • In the Level Store you can now purchase the Pink Pack which is a Jumbo size pack containing 10×10 – 14×14 levels and you can purchase the 9×9 mania pack. We’ve also added an option to purchase all the levels at a discount.

View your solution unobstructed!

After you complete a puzzle, you can now dismiss the dialog that comes up in order to view your solution. The middle button along the bottom is usually a refresh button but when you complete the puzzle, it will now turn into a close button which will close the dialog. You can also click anywhere outside the dialog on the board.

Click outside the dialog to view your solution

Hope you enjoy the update! Let us know if you have feedback or ideas for our next release. (Note – we haven’t yet enabled in-app purchases on Android. We are considering those.)


Flow Free FAQ

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I thought I would take a few minutes to answer some questions we get asked frequently over email.

  1. This puzzle is so hard–is it even possible to solve?
  2. Yep 🙂 There is a solution to every puzzle. Keep working on it! One trick I find useful when solving the puzzles is to start from the outside. Try to connect dots and fill paths which use the outside squares before connecting the inner ones.
    Also, if you’re struggling with 8×8 level 13 rest assured that you aren’t the only one. We get a lot of request for help on that one. If you want a hint, click here.

  3. Why do some completed levels show checks and some show stars?
  4. Whenever you complete a level you will receive either a check or a star. A star indicates that you completed the level perfectly without any mistakes. A check indicates that you completed the level but broke a path or two before finishing it.

  5. I am color blind and would like to play Flow. Is there an option available for me?
  6. Yes! Flow supports text labels. From the main menu, tap “Settings” then switch “Flow labels” from off to on. When you go back into the game, the color dots will now also include text labels.

  7. I purchased a level pack on my iPhone and want to get it on my iPad. Is this possible, will I be charged twice?
  8. Thanks for your support! You can download any purchased level packs onto all devices under the same iTunes account at no charge. The simplest way to do this is to go into Settings and click “Restore Purchases”. You will see an Apple dialog appear and will need to type in your iTunes password. After that any level packs you previously purchased will be downloaded to the device.

  9. I’ve been playing for a while and the sounds stopped working. How do I fix this?
  10. We are looking into what causes this but usually the game just needs to be rebooted. To reboot the game, double press the home button, you’ll see a set of icons on the bottom of the screen, tap and hold the Flow Free icon until the icon starts to wiggle, then press the close button in the top left corner of the icon. Hit the home button again and restart the game.

  11. If I play Flow on multiple devices, will my progress automatically sync between the two?
  12. Sorry, no. Right now progress is only kept locally so it will not sync between your devices. This is something we’ve seen come up a bit and it’s definitely on our potential feature list.

  13. I’m trying to purchase a level pack but Flow keeps crashing, how do I fix this?
  14. Update 7/28/12 – This issue should be fixed in version 1.2. It was caused by a problem handling the case where in-app purchases were disabled. If you’re still seeing a crash trying to make a purchase, let us know.

    We’ve seen this happening when in-app purchases are disabled. This is a bug and we expect to fix it in our next release so that Flow won’t crash in this scenario but you’ll still need to enable purchases before you can buy a level pack.

    To turn on in-app purchases, go to Settings –> General –> Restrictions, at this point you’ll need to enter your pin. On the Restrictions options, one of the options under Allowed Content will be in-app purchases.

    If you’re seeing a crash when trying to make a purchase and you don’t have in-app purchases disabled, please let us know either via a comment here or via email as we would like to track down if there are any other issues in this scenario.

  15. When are more packs coming out?
  16. Update 7/28/12 – Version 1.2 is now availble and includes 4 new packs (2 free, 2 for purchase.) Hope you enjoy it. We’re still looking at other content to add in future updates but no comments on that right now.

Leave a comment or shoot us an email if you have another question. I’ll update this post if I get anything that seems interesting.



Flow Free, the #1 game on iOS is now available for Android

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Big Duck Games is happy to announce the availability of “Flow Free” for Android! Downloaded over 3 million times on iTunes, Flow Free is the #1 free US iPhone game as of this announcement and has been at the top of the charts for over two weeks.

Flow Free is a simple yet addictive puzzle game. It includes 300 free levels with puzzles appropriate for phones and for tablets. Easy to start and fun for all ages!

Connect matching colors with pipe to create a flow. Pair all colors, and cover the entire board to solve each puzzle. But watch out, pipes will break if they cross or overlap!

The port to Android was completed by Noodlecake Studios, creators of Super Stickman Golf.

Get it now!

Flow Free Highlights:

  • #1 free app on iTunes in the US for 10 days from 6/18/12 to 6/28/12
  • Currently #1free game in US on iTunes
  • Over 3 million iOS downloads
  • 300 free levels
  • Free play through the levels or race against the clock in time trial mode
  • Clean friendly look and feel to the game

Promo Video:

Game Photos:

Google Play Link:


Flow Free, #1 Free App on iTunes for over a week!

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Thank you to everyone who has reviewed, shared or just played Flow Free! Flow has been the #1 free app on iTunes for over a week now.

We thought you might enjoy seeing some cool numbers:

  • 3 million downloads
  • 500 man years spent playing Flow
  • 450 million levels played

Thank you so much for your support. We are extremely honored and grateful.

– Sharon and Mike
Flow Free is #1 Free App on iTunes

PS – Stay tuned for news on an Android version of Flow Free.


Fun Flow video from Downshift Interactive!

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Some cool folks at Downshift Interactive put together a neat Flow promotional video. Check it out but be warned Mike has had the music stuck in his head for the past two hours. He’s humming/singing it now 🙂




Flow Free: #1 on iPad!

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We’re really excited to see the warm reception of our latest iOS puzzle game: Flow Free.  In the past hour, Flow has topped the U.S. charts to become the #1 free game on the iPad.  It’s been getting great reviews and tons of play time.  Yesterday alone, Flow was downloaded over 20,000 times and almost an entire man-year was spent enjoying the game.  Keep flowing and thanks for your support!

If you’re looking to find Flow Free for iOS, you can get it here:

We also have versions of Flow available for Windows Phone, as well as the Windows 8 Release Preview.  An Android/Kindle version of Flow is currently in planning.

Thanks again,


Penguin Takes Over the World

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Penguin has flown into the top 10 apps in all major Windows Phone 7 markets: US, Germany, England, France, Australia, Italy, and Canada.

In the two weeks since release, it’s also received about 1,400 user reviews internationally with a 4.5 star average.

As of a week after it’s release, it had been downloaded about 30,000 times, and is currently generating over 350,000 ad impressions per day.

Thanks everyone for your support.  Keep ’em flying high!